Private Investigation Agency

Agência de Investigação privada Informétodo

Informétodo, Lda. Private Investigation Agency

Informétodo, Lda. is a private investigation agency, legally registered and respecting all portuguese regulations. We are operating since 2000, providing our services with accuracy, confidentiality and professionalism across Portugal.

Since we started our activities, we contributed to the resolution of particular issues and organizations and achieved justice in matters where this was hidden. As we increasingly live in an information society, the private investigation is a most crucial way to thrive.

Our Headquarters are in Maia, just five miles far from Oporto. Informétodo Private Detective Agency, is present among the elite of the world’s private investigation, with operations across  European Union countries, Brazil, Australia and the United States. We are always eager for new challenges.

Although our most important international market is Spain, where we have a network of strategic partnerships with Private Detectives agencies in all 17 Spanish Autonomous Regions, we also keep local contacts with over 2500 private detectives throughout the planet.

Our team of investigators has multidisciplinary knowledge and is highly specialized in research, aims to make your decision process easier and more accurate. All our actions can be substantiated with legal advice.

Fernando Oliveira, the founder private detective of Informétodo, is accredited by the most prestigious Detectives Associations:

  • ANIDEP – Associação Nacional de Investigadores e Detetives Privados Profissionais – National Association of Investigators and Private Detective Professionals;
  • APDPE – Associação Profissional de Detetives Privados de Espanha – Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain;
  • WAD – World Association of Detectives;
  • IKD – Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbände – International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives.

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