Lawyers Investigating Services

Investigações para advogados

Investigating services for lawyers, solicitors and justice professionals

Since the foundation of Informétodo, Lda., in the year 2000, our lawyers investigating services attended numerous organizations and individuals in obtaining accurate, relevant and practical information, on time, to the pursuit of various goals for our customers.

We are proud of our loyal customer base, composed of individuals and organizations from various sectors: industrial, commercial, insurance companies, law firms among others. All this is possible thanks to the success of our operations, our straightforwardness and transparency. We have as trusted customers many prestigious lawyers and law firms in Portugal.

Check the investigating services we provide to lawyers:

  • Evidence for initiation of disciplinary proceedings.
  • Proof of seizable assets of companies or individuals.
  • Information and collection of elements to carry out eviction.
  • Information and possible evidence for parental responsibility  regulatory processes.
  • Financial information of individuals and businesses.
  • Business information of suppliers, customers and other companies.
  • Information about partners or business managers.
  • Information fraudulent casualties.
  • Information on counterfeiting.
  • Protection against misuse of brands.
  • Research of unauthorized Patent rights.
  • misuse clearance of Intellectual and Industrial Property.
  • Copyright protection.
  • Location of people.
  • Location of goods.
  • Intelligence reports and Technology Watch.
  • Investigating and reporting on Multirisks Housing and Commerce Insurance claims.
  • Investigating and reporting on Car Insurance.
  • Investigation and Reports in Work Accident Claims.

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