Investigações para advogados

Advocacy and private detective incompatibilities

The question of incompatibility between the research profession, private detective, and the practice of law is an issue that has been raised repeatedly.

In this particular case it was raised by a lawyer from the Bar Association.

The Oporto district council of the Bar Association responded by written communication, on the 30th of January 2014, to the question of whether an investigator, private eye, can practice law.

The statement of the order was quite clear: “The profession of investigator, detective private is incompatible with the practice of law since it raises an issue to the impartiality, independence and dignity of the profession. The profession of investigator, private detective is incompatible with the practice of law, given the applicable professional secrecy regime, as investigators, private detectives, unlike the lawyers, are obliged to report all detected facts in the exercise of their functions which may be considered crime.

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